The Endowment for Science Literacy, benefiting the Young Scientist Program, supports the operation to improve science education in the greater St. Louis area. For benefactors who recognize the importance of science to our society's future, the endowment provides a new opportunity to make a difference in how science is communicated to the public and how disadvantaged students become scientists. For more than a decade, the volunteer-led Young Scientist Program has provided science outreach opportunities to underserved populations, demonstrating tremendous impact in the communities served on both local and global scales.

The Young Scientist Program at Washington University School of Medicine works in partnership with the St. Louis City Public Schools (Missouri, USA) to teach, recruit and mentor disadvantaged students interested in science. Involving over 300 graduate student and faculty volunteers, YSP has directly impacted the lives of more than 4000 high school students exposed to hands-on science in their classrooms and nearly 150 students and teachers provided with summer research internships.

This program is a vibrant and enduring vehicle for the launching of scientific careers and the critical dissemination of accurate scientific information to the public. Your valuable gift to the Endowment for Science Literacy, benefiting the Young Scientist Program, will work toward building a solid financial foundation to ensure the success of our mission.

How to Donate to YSP

You can donate to YSP by downloading the donation form (PDF) and mailing it to the address listed at the end of the form.

You can also donate online by visiting the Wash U donation page and choosing "School of Medicine" under Schools (annual fund, scholarships, and other support). Then choose "Other" in the lower dropdown menu and enter either "YSP Endowment" or "YSP Summer Focus Scholarship" in the Other box.

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