Staining, Bacteria, And Use Of The Microscope

Grades 2-12 (more detail on microscopy can be added with increase in age)

Staining, Bacteria, And Use Of The Microscope.doc

Microbes and Handwashing

Grades 2-6

Microbes and Handwashing.doc

Build a Bacterium

The "Build a Bacterium" Demo allows students to think of microbes as unique organisms which are adapted to many different environments. By teaching them how microbes use different organelles for varying functions, students learn about microbes while conceptually understanding the rationale behind organism's evolution to contain various components for survival. Geared towards advanced students or Grades 10-12.

Build a Bacterium.pdf

Build a Bacterium.pptx

Build a Bacterium Groups.docx

Antibiotic Resistance

This antibiotic resistance demo explains how antibiotic resistance occurs and how quickly it can spread. Can be geared to grades 5-12 depending on depth of content covered.

Antibiotic Resistance.html