Continuing Mentoring Program

What is Continuing Mentoring?

Continuing Mentoring (CM) is a program that provides a reliable and continued source of personal and academic mentorship to you throughout your high school career by M.D. (medical) and biomedical Ph.D. students. We hope to foster your interest in science and provide you with the guidance you will need to pursue a career in a scientific field such as medicine, biotechnology, or research.

Who is eligible?

Continuing Mentoring recruits high school freshmen with an interest and enthusiasm for science, technology, medicine and engineering. We are currently accepting applications from Soldan International Studies High School (must be enrolled in Project Lead the Way) and the Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience.

How does it work?

Freshman Year

Preparing for a career in science involves more than just good grades. During freshman year, your mentor will learn your interests and help you develop a personal plan to set and accomplish your educational goals. You and your mentor will also take field trips to get to know each other better and learn about exciting, real-world science!

Sophomore Year

As you enter sophomore year, your mentor will encourage you to pursue science outside of the classroom, such as applying for summer programs and going on field trips to Wash U science labs. Additionally, we will have modules on preparing for standardized testing and interviewing skills. These activities will help you to better understand careers in science while adding to your competitive resume.

Junior Year

Identifying the best college program for you is a complicated and crucial decision. In your junior year, you will work closely with your mentor to prepare for the ACT/SAT, explore different college environments, and seek out competitive summer enrichment programs.

Senior Year

CM mentors possess many connections to the medical, engineering and bio-entrepreneurial communities of St. Louis. We hope to give you exposure to these diverse career opportunities to focus your interests and develop a roadmap for your college education.

What is the commitment?

Continuing Mentoring is a four year commitment from both you and your mentor. By submitting an application, you agree to meet twice per month and attend all mentor-mentee visits. Furthermore, you are expected to fully commit to building a strong relationship with your mentor and using the program to develop your career.

Apply to the Continuing Mentoring Program!

Please fill out this application to be a mentee in the Continuing Mentoring program. Applications are due August 29, 2018. We look forward to reading your application! Selected applicants and their parents or guardians will be invited to interview before the final student selection.

Want to be a Continuing Mentor?

If interested in being part of the CM program as a mentor, a tutor, or even a leader, please fill out this form. Applications are due on September 4, 2018. For more information contact ysp.continuing.mentoring[at]